March 25, 2020


May 8, 2020

To Our Chasing Family,

It is with heavy hearts that we write this letter to you, but the shutdown in response to Covid-19 has had a greater impact on our small business than we anticipated, and unfortunately Chasing Vapes will not be able to re-open on Main Street.

Along with many other small businesses, we did the right thing, we followed the rules, closed our shop, obeyed the shelter-in-place orders, asked our landlord to work with us and applied for the Covid-19 Economic Disaster loan… and unfortunately received no assistance or response. 

However, we don’t want to dwell on the negative, we’d rather celebrate all the successes and friendships formed here. We couldn’t be prouder of the vape community that grew within our walls over the past five years. We’ve had the most amazing time helping you all ditch tobacco and live a healthier lifestyle.

We’ve seen hardships in the past, we’ve stood beside you, and fought with, and for you, against Big Tobacco’s push to destroy and take over our industry and we truly believe we will overcome this hardship as well, and we’ll continue doing everything in our power to bring our beloved Chasing Vapes storefront back to Allen stronger than ever!

To accomplish this, we are relying on your patronage of Chasing Vapes new online store.

We have added our most popular products to get the store up and running as quickly as possible, and will be adding new products daily and orders will be quickly shipped the same or next day.

To say thank you for your continued patronage and welcome you to our new online shop, we are offering 15% off all purchases with the coupon code LAUNCH.

So it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon.

With much love,

Gene, Stephanie & Brittni

March 21, 2020

A message to our Chasing Vapes family:

After much deliberation and prayer, we have decided to close the shop for the next few weeks.

This has been a hard decision on all fronts, like all other small mom & pops, we don’t know how we will pay our bills during this shutdown or if we will be able to catch up when we re-open, but your lives, the lives of our friends, family, and community are more valuable to us than money.

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

While most of us are not at great personal health risk from COVID-19, there are those in our community who are.

If we do not do our part to contain the virus and “flatten the curve,” we may be unwittingly putting the lives of our community at risk. Not only this, but we feel a responsibility to help keep our nurses, doctors, and hospitals from being overwhelmed, so they can serve those who are vulnerable and most in need of care.

For those who’ve asked how they can support small business during this time, we like many others, offer online gift card purchases for future visits.

These gift card sales are literally a lifeline for small business to get through the next two or three weeks.

Additionally, please buy from locally owned small business every chance you get, as they, like us, don’t have a corporation to back them up and your support will mean the difference in a voluntary closure in order to protect our community, and a devastating permanent one.

We miss you all already, and look forward to seeing you all again. We pray that day comes soon.

♥ With love,

Gene, Stephanie & Brittni