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Chasing Vapes OwnersHello, my name is Gene May, I along with my wife Stephanie, are the founders of Chasing Vapes. We welcome you to our website. Our goal at Chasing Vapes is to introduce traditional smokers to a healthier way of life and existing vapers to the best new products hitting the market.

My story is pretty simple, I am a former tobacco user who used e-cigs to quit, soon I was moving faster, working harder and breathing easier. This inspired me to help my family and friends, and from there the desire grew to help all smokers discover this healthier alternative, have the freedom to go anywhere and enjoy their life without the baggage of traditional tobacco.

Smoke, dip or chew? Interested in quitting?

E-cigs are a great way to continue nicotine use without the tar and carcinogens. We welcome you to come in and visit. With literally unlimited flavor possibilities, I’m positive I can find the perfect product to get that monkey off your back, for good.





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