Quit Smoking with E-Cigs

We believe that electronic cigarettes are the best way to quit smoking.

However, the type of device and nicotine level of your e-juice will also make a difference.

According to a study by addiction scientists at King’s College London, users have a much higher success rate using an e-cig with a tank than the “cigalike” disposables, as tanks allow users to adjust the amount of nicotine and try a variety of flavors.

A study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine shows that 31% of the 222 respondents who tried e-cigs were still not smoking cigarettes after 6 months. Respondents using e-cigarettes more than 20 times per day had a quit rate of 70% and that of those who had stayed off the cigarettes for 6 months; 34.3% were not using e-cigarettes or any nicotine-containing products by that point.

Impressive results compared to nicotine patches, whose studies reveal that only 8.2% had abstained from smoking after 24 weeks and nicotine chewing gum showed only 7.7% (of the prescribed gum group) and 8.4% (in the over the counter gum group) were not smoking at six months.


  • E-cigarettes do not produce smoke and pose no known health risks to users or nonusers. In fact, according to the American Association of Public Health Physicians, e-cigarettes likely pose “much less than 1%” of the risk of smoking.
  • E-cigarettes have helped hundreds of thousands of American smokers to quit or drastically reduce their cigarette consumption.
  • E-cigarettes work through vaporization, as opposed to traditional cigarettes, which requires combustion which creates thousands of chemical changes, vaporization creates none.


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